Georgia for the snow experience!

When it snows, you have two choices: Shovel or make snow angels. Snow angels for sure! You can't imagine how thrilled I am to write about my first experience with snow. Apparently I was not able to, but anyways...

It was indeed a short planned weekend getaway in Northern Europe! Well, everyone's been going to Georgia lately because of it's breathtaking mountain views, cheap holiday packages and most of all, nearest place we can go to that snows! That was the main target anyway, a "bucket list" thing for all of us. We spent 2 full days with a friendly tour guide. I believe it's better to get a tour guide since it's a 2 hour drive from Tbilisi to Gudauri Ski Resort, it won't be comfortable enough if you don't have a private car. Well at least for me. I love long drives and driving to the snowy mountains was just way too cool for first timers like us!

One thing I loved about Georgia aside from our snow experience? Wine! There are shops with cheap wines everywhere. You will receive your first wine bottle at the immigration for free and you would probably go home with wines on your luggage!

We went to Chateau Mukhrani Winery which was an awfully beautiful place. The tour will give you insights of Georgian winemaking and traditions. Plus wine tasting!

Georgia is indeed a beautiful country that's worth a visit. For a quick weekend, we were able to visit several places like Jvari Monastery, Mshketa, Ananuri Fortress and more I can't remember the  names! It was fun walking around the streets anytime and super safe! We were able to ride a cable car, drink "Cha Cha" (Georgian version of Tequila) which instantly put us into cloud nine, eat lots cheese, drink free wines and enjoy stunning views! I'm a lover of weekends and this trip is definitely one of the best!




  1. Wow, this place look amazing and I so want to visit it. Going to keep this place in mind and will give it visit soon. Thanks for sharing your experience with us

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