Sri Lanka weekend

I've been wishing, dreaming and planning to climb that rock for two years! That photo finally is not taken from Google anymore, but taken by yours truly! So I took another weekend trip last month to a pleasant country, yes Sri Lanka! Here's our Sri Lanka getaway in pictures!

1. Sigriya Rock Fortress

Definitely the highlight of this trip. It is true that it's all about the climb. The summer heat didn't weaken my motivation to climb that rock! It was harder than it seemed in pictures! Imagine how the stairs are installed around the steep mountain?! It took us around 2 hours to get up and down. I can say this experience is a must as all the sweat and next day leg soreness was worth it!

Lesson: Don't ever ever ever skip your leg day!

2. Elephant Ride

Another thing that I loved here is that I was able to experience my first elephant ride! I'm telling you, it was not all fun. It freaked me out when the elephant started walking while we were on top of her praying not to have a bad fall!

3. Out & about
Getting around was easy for us since we have Sri Lankan friends with us the whole time. This fact also made the trip cheaper for us as our good friend tried to keep us from spending anything. Lucky us! I honestly didn't enjoy the food though as I am never a fan of spicy but Thank God there's KFC and McDonalds!

I'm always interested of how locals get by with their everyday lives. We were honestly in awe of the hospitality of the locals, most especially the family of our friend! Sri Lankans are undeniably polite!

4. Dambulla Temple - "Inner peace"

We visited Dambulla temple where you can find an enormous golden Buddha statue. It was already late when we got there so we weren't able to take nice pictures. I've learned that you can't enter the temple with shoes on, you must be barefoot now matter how rough the ground is!

Inner peace is a state of being calm in every aspect of your life. Finding their inner peace is like the "mantra" of Buddhist. They are firm believers of good karma which I personally think is the healthiest ingredient to live a meaningful life. Just like Po of Kung Fu panda!

5. Awe of beauty

Sri Lanka is overall an awe of beauty. Unfortunately we had a very limited time to explore the stunning beaches on the Southern part of the country. The sunrise photo we've captured below made me feel like we're in a safari in South Africa, which is one on my travel bucket list as well! Sceneries like this will just make you take a deep breath and thank your creator for allowing you to wake up with such natural charm!

The trip was not a change of atmosphere for us but rather a taste of home. The scenery and surroundings are as laid back as it gets. It made us feel like we visited a nearby province back home. This trip made us realize once again how a simple way of living can bring absolute happiness to your life!



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