Singapore for a week!

So I felt like almost everyone had a glimpse of Singapore except me. It's a usual stopover before going home since its close and we don't need a visa to enter. Therefore I was thinking to do the same when I go home next year, but I'm indeed lucky that an opportunity came to travel there for a week! This is a very unexpected trip and it's only been 3 months since I went to Egypt. Life feels even more  thrilling when you receive surprise blessings.

Singapore Zoo
Unlike any other zoo, I was kinda impress as they have lots of animals (of course) but I mean lots of numbers of each kind. I'm not an animal lover but I definitely enjoy visiting zoos.

Marina Bay Sands
I was in awe when I had a glance of this fascinating hotel! I always knew that it's amazing since it is one of the landmarks of Singapore, but it's beauty was jaw dropping in person! The bridge and the Arts and Science Museum adds up a great view! I can spend the night there just watching the lights.

National Museum
I love visiting museums as I love visiting zoos. Some find it boring to visit still artworks but I am an appreciator of those things! The amazing exterior of the building is enough to make you want to check the interior. It looks like a government house.

Arts Museum
Contemporary art!!!

Sentosa Island
Time for Sentosa island! We planned to get up early but we woke up with heavy rain! Made me felt more like I'm back home. I always thought Sentosa island only consist of casinos and hotels, I didn't know it has a lot of fun attractions including a waterpark! I wish I had more time to try all of them!

Trick Eye Museum
Who is not a fan of optical illusions?? It's always cool to see optical illusions because it exercise your eyes and your brains while it fascinates you the whole time. Ticket price is totally reasonable!

Universal Studios
And of course the one place I wouldn't miss!!! USS! I've been to Universal Studios in California way back 2001 and I was truly amazed. Knowing that there's another US just nearby makes you want to add it on your bucket list! Well what can I say, anyone would take pictures in every corner of it. You gotta have your power bank ready for your day in Universal!

Bugis Street
Bugis street is a place for cheap finds. I always prefer bargain shopping, spend less, shop more!!!

At first I thought "hawker" was a name of a restaurant. Then I realize they kept calling different food centers as hawker. So hawker is how they call the open air food complex at the streets. As expected it was cheap and it was good!

Most of the commuting we did was riding the train which I am used to since I use the metro everyday to work. However I was kinda disappointed as the feedbacks I  heard were overrated. Or maybe I just tend to compare with luxurious metro stations in Dubai.

One thing that made me happy about this travel is the chance to get together with my close friends who I haven't seen for quite a long time.

Singapore is an expensive city but I was able to squeeze in my allotted budget. You just have to know where and how to keep your travel money on track. And how to save while spending! Travel is surely the only thing you spend that makes you richer!



  1. "Travel makes you richer" Agree :) and SG is worth visiting over and over again

  2. Glad you enjoyed Singapore. Are you still here? There's a festival (art, music, etc) until the end of the month, just around the National Museum. I was there last week. :)

    Regarding the MRT - Did you take the Red line? For me that's the worst line, or maybe the Purple line. I've been here in Singapore for almost 5 years and been to other parts of the world that use trains as main mode of transportation, I've compared and I can say Singapore's is one of the best. Perhaps you just took the wrong line, or maybe it was just a bad day or timing (especially during rush hour where you literally kiss someone's underarm just to fit in haha), but in general it's good.