Joe does Steak!

Photos of Texas Joe's House of Ribs, Olongapo
This photo of Texas Joe's House of Ribs is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Since Papa is on vacation from Saudi, every Sunday is a family day! 2 weeks ago we dined at Texas Joe's House of Ribs in SBMA. I've been wanting to dine here again since I first tried their steak two years ago. That was long enough, it was really time to visit it again. Well I was just able to have a taste of their yummy and juicy ribs when our American boss treated us for all the hard work. Yeah! We were surrounded by mostly Americans, I guess it's their go-to place when they miss their country? Maybe.

Texas Joe is a western style steakhouse.They serve American and Mexican cuisines. You'll love to dine here because if it's warm ambiance. The architectural theme is of the old American west featuring the famous battle scene of “The Alamo”, where a small number of Americans defended their post against a large Mexican army. They have ranch style interiors. Their staffs were even dressed like they came from the west side. They also have a billiard table. You can play for free once you've ordered. As much as I want to take more pictures of the place, I wasn't able to because they said the people who dine there are quite private. They don't want strangers taking pictures of them. So here are few:

Baby Back Ribs with Coleslaw
Bubba Burger
Smoked Chicken with Guacamole

Texas Joe's is the perfect place to experience the good ole ambiance of the American South! And for steak lovers, thier ribs is a must-try one!



  1. oh how i love american cuisine!

    it's great to see you having wonderful time with your family :D

  2. Interesting blog and pictures!:)

  3. Those foods are sure delicious. Hey girl! Thanks for popping over my blog. I like your blog too. Following back. :)

  4. omg looks soooo good! :)
    xxx love

  5. Nice family bonding time! sarap namn ng mga kinain nyo!

  6. the place looks amazing! yumm I love steak haha

  7. If I live with the family we usually go out frequently together with the family. I'm usually like you who go out with the family but as I go abroad doing my university then I don't have the chance to do that. It seems that you had lovely time with your family :)

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  8. Wow! That's great place to hang out with the whole Family. :) Great photos and great food made hungry.... :|

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  9. YUM! i love a good steak, anytime!

  10. Mmm, I am such a meat lover! I could use a steak anytime haha. Keeping this place in mind <3

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    1. This is such a lovely place! OMG - I've always wanted to eat in places like these with my family. And oh wow - I'm starting to salivate for the juicy meaty goodness D: Great, now I'm starving.

      And why didn't you attend your Senior Prom? :(

  11. That sucks :( But it's cool, I guess. At least you guys had a Junior Prom :) Sure thing, darling :)

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  14. We were in SBMA about two weeks ago and we had no idea where to dine! I'm definitely bringing the family here next time we go there.

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