January was about...

1. A new-born blessing!

My cousin Catherine gave us additional angel to our family, baby Reinoah! This year is a big life change for her. A baby and a wedding next month! She has always been one of the most wonderful person I know.  She's the type you wouldn't let pass you by to be your friend. She's like the girl who don't know how to say no, she makes sure she''ll help you as far as she can. Her husband-to-be is one lucky man!

2. Celebrating another year!
My brother dear celebrating his 12th birthday. He's getting older and I'm not getting any younger! Feeling ko nga lumiliit ako kasi kasing tangkad ko na siya! He was just this cute little innocent boy na mabait at hindi pasaway. Binata na! Waaa! He'll graduate elementary this March and will start highschool life which makes me realize that I'm clearly getting old!

3. Visiting former colleagues.
Tintin came home from Diego Garcia where she's currently employed as an Architect. Overseas na silang lahat! Ako na lang andito, daya! We used to work in SBMEI where you can find a theme park called Ocean Adventure and a resort, Camayan beach resort. So we took time to visit our former workplace. Oh how we missed the times!

4. Welcoming Christianity
My third "inaanak" from my former officemate Ate Judy. This boy will make girls cry! Look at those adorable small eyes!

5. White forest cake!
It's my first time to try this one because I always go for chocolate. Taste so good!

6. Reviving friendship
It's been a year since we got together like this. These are my closest friends in college. We were only four last night but our circle of friends is quite huge. Everyone's really getting hard to contact now, busy with their jobs and relationships. We just had dinner then had some laughs in JAX comedy bar. I was really happy to finally see them again. And guess what. that girl on the center of the first photo, she's 2 months preggy! We were shocked! She was like the most conservative girl  in our group. I hope we can bond this year more often.

6. GLEE Marathon
I miss watching GLEE! So this past weekends, I had a marathon! I bought video disc of Season 2 and 3 (which is not complete yet) and I enjoyed so much! Some people think it's like High School Musical which is quite like for kids to enjoy but Glee is different. Glee is about growing up, getting through highschool while overcoming fears and having fun!

The first month of year 2012 has ended, hello Love month! =)



  1. Wow! good start of the year and wishing you the best of this love month:)

  2. I want a slice of that white forest cake!

    Your brother is our copy cat sis, as in magkamukhang- magkamukha kayo :)

  3. Baby Reinoah is a cutie pie! :)

  4. salamat sa comments mo cous...enjoy glee!

  5. What a great January for you. :)


  6. A lot of things did happen on your January - all memorable and brings happy memories. Cute ng little bro mo, and congrats to your cousin.

  7. Looks like it's going to be a great year! :)

  8. This post makes me happy. Not many people focus on the good things anymore.


  9. I love this post. i think its such a good idea and so personal. Thanks for sharing and commenting on my blog. Want to follow each other?


  10. Great post!It seems like it was a really great month!

  11. Just to let you know that i awarded you the liebster award <3

    1. thanks so much for the award Jasmin! and following you too! =)

  12. Yes, that *is* Marshall of HIMYM in The Muppets! I LOVE HIM!!! :) Would love to follow each other btw :)


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