You, Me & Charlie

Anyone heard of this website yet? I'm a gleek. Well yes a Glee fan. I was browsing through twitter last night and found links to Glee actor's accounts. Diana Agron who plays Quinn on the show is my favorite and of course Harry Shum! Just found out that Diana loves to blog. That pretty face is also a writer! She started with Tumblr to share her thoughts, travels and photos with fans. Then she just launched her website for a cause. It's an inspirational and interesting website with good reads for everyday. Diana Agron is Charlie. She believes that there's a Charlie inside her.

Oh, isn't this always fun?? Ha! Well, let's see. I am a SF-bred girl who would live my entire life down the rabbit hole in a world of nonsense, but due to the low probability of me ever finding that damn hole, I use my vivid imagination every day and refuse to ever truly grow up. Not all the way! That wouldn't be fun! Why not embrace a life like Peter? I love what I do, I love to see a smile turn a smile turn a smile. Life is too short, too melancholy for some. I'd like to try to diffuse that as much as I can. I am only one, but together we are so much more. Hope you have fun here on YM&C. I've been having a grand time thus far!
- Diana Elise Agron


The first time he caught me, punching away on my calculator I was embarrassed- I was caught, redhanded in the midst of an insecure moment. One that, for the most part, I like to avoid for as long as I can get away with it. Don’t you hate that? I wanted to crawl inside of something and stay there- my air of Uber Confident chick had been exposed!
“What are you doing?” he said, “budgeting?”
Obviously, not budgeting. I was counting. Counting calories from every bite of cracker, cheese and so on that had entered my mouth. There I was frantically adding them up, trying to make sure I could stay within the bracket that would keep me…. “perfect.”
When I told him what I WAS doing, he kissed my forehead, grabbed my phone and suggested we go get a piece of cake. Well yes Sir, don’t mind if I do.
A few months later for Christmas, we exchanged our first presents. I’d told him briefly about my favorite bakery in NYC and on Christmas morning, a can of White Chocolate Macadamia cookies, from NYC to CO arrived on my doorstep with a calculator that read, (in perfect calculator looking font) “U R PERFECT”
It was years ago that My former Love gave this little calculator to me and like many women, I’ve pinched and prodded and looked at myself with a critical eye all too often….but something about that gift and the reminder that, “U R PERFECT” has stuck. Because you know what? You are.
No matter the calories, the size, the number….You, my darlings- are perfect.
Do you get caught up in the numbers? Maybe you need to make yourself a calculator that tells the TRUTH.

That's my favorite post so far. A post from one of her contributors. Yes she loves to share it with everyone, she's open for contributors! Visit YouMeandCharlie now!Start browsing you'll surely love it! Happy Tuesday!