How Does It Feel

Tell me all that you've seen, all the dreams you keep holding.
Show me the eyes of laughter or shed the tears of hoping.

Give me the smiles of pleasure, look at me with greatness.
Feel the essence of loving someone, keep the strength from letting go.

Show me the madness of your heart, reveal the pain of defeat.
Release the pressure from expectations, go down from that highest seat.

Think of wonderful things, lift yourself a little bit.
Swing on fancy pink clouds, dance away your worries.

Throw those heroic desires, look out to those who cares.
Reach out to those who hurt you, stop keeping too much pain.

Then tell me how everything feels, tell me how it touched your soul.
When you realized your worth, tell me not a word at all.

You don't have to fix everything on your own. You don't have to be the hero that saves everyone's life.Sometimes you just have to let things be. You can't control things that happens to people you love because you think you're entitled to. Making mistakes will let you learn more. Problems come and go. Every life challenge you'll overcome will give you strength. So keep calm! Laugh, dance, sing in the shower, love like you've never loved before, fall and get up. Be strong and be faithful that everything always turns out to be okay. Stop worrying about other people so much. Make time for yourself. Treat your body with a massage or your tummy with a really large meal. Pray quietly and sincerely. I wrote this poem 3 years ago when I was feeling stressed. I thought about everything and came up with "I'm young! So let me cheer myself up!" Have fun people! Happy weekend!



  1. I love this post :) Inspirational and made me smile!

  2. It sounds like you have a great handle on how to deal with stress. Keep that positive attitude!
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  4. I love the poem, it's very bold and moving. I agree with you, we don't have to control everything in our life. Sometimes,we just have to loosen up a bit and let things fall into places on their own. I followed you back,dear. :)