So simple.

Something I wrote when I was in high school. This is a typical sophomore’s view on living life simple but happy. (Sorry for the redundant words, I was just 13. HAHA.) Right, It could all be so simple.

A person who gets to wake up in the morning, east three meals just enough for his health, enjoy night outs with friends and manages to get back to bed safe and sound, ready to face the next day is obviously blessed. So if he would demand how pitiful his life is, then that person has completely lost track of the word "HAPPINESS".

Every time we feel like we've been given too much burden, we start asking why the world seems to be sinking us down. Is that too much torture for you? Wake up. It may not be the end of anything for you. What kind of happiness were you looking for anyway?

Sometimes, it takes a tragic experience to cause someone to take a closer look at the good things in life. It takes a lost of something for you to see what you got. It's not about having what you want, but learning to want what you have.

Happiness can be found in the simpler moments of joy in life. The power of thinking positive can make you feel how easy it is to put yourself on cloud nine in an instant. So give yourself a sunnier state of mind. Laughing your heart out with friends all day long doing a whole lot of nothing gives you joy. Of course, it's so overwhelming to know you have those people who can spend a whole lazy day with you without getting bored. Having something that gives you joy gives you a sense of well-being.

Life is all about stringing the little things that leaves you feeling radiant. The simple things that makes everything seem so easy. Think about this and you might just laugh at yourself picturing how crazy you go desperately craving for something then to realize that you already have all you can ever ask for all along.



  1. Wow, bez ang galing mo nmn magsulat nuon! Impressed for you to ponder on these thoughts at such a ripe age. Miss you! Let's hang out sometime. :) mwah.

  2. thankyou bez! i know you also write so well diba? i still have the poem you wrote back in highschool. haha. yaa meet up tayo minsan bez!