Be positive with The Power

"Just keep the things you love about your whole life. All the negative of the past are done, finished; you are not the same person as you were then, so why keep putting them in your story if they make you feel bad? You don't have to dig negative things out of you from the past. Just don't put them in your story anymore."

An excerpt from the book by Rhonda Byrne, The Power, which I received as a birthday gift last year. The book is all about living positively and taking all the negative thoughts away. 

You won't learn to move on if you keep looking back. Try forgetting sometimes. Don’t worry, you’ll never really forget, but at least teach yourself to stop thinking about it. Past are just memories, and that’s all they are. Why not think of the other things or people in your present life? Instead of reminiscing moments with the person who chose to leave you. Learn to accept that some people you want in your life can completely live without you. They might have changed you, and they've changed you to become a stronger whole. So you can face the next day, with or without them.

Last year I went through a difficult time, a heart breaking one and I totally feel thankful for it now. 2010 was a year of learning for me. So thank you 2010! Thank you for putting my heart in vain and letting me feel so much pain. Thank you for waking me up with sadness and for the tears on my pillow every single night. Thank you for starting my year alone while I'm hopelessly hopeless. 2010 has been great! Pains were actually blessing in disguise. Every month I felt confused but stronger. Thanks so much for the friends that kept me laughing. Every strength and courage 2010 made me grow up a lot more. I found other things that could make me smile. I saw hope and more love. Things have changed a lot last year and it continues this year. My wounds were healed and my smile are even bigger! I'm so much cheerful and in love! And you'll always stay wonderful Jesus! My faith is even stronger now.

This book really helps. I recommend you read it too. We are all in a fast changing world and it just keeps spinning. So keep moving! Let’s stay motivated people!



  1. Wow bez! Ang lalim ng pinanghuhugutan ah. Aw, bez alamu you're really a strong person because you've been through a lot in your life and yet you still maintain to keep things alright. You deserve true happiness! MissyoU!

  2. Yay thanks bez! Lalim nga, tumatanda na yata ako, madrama na..Haha Miss you too!