Head over feet!

Love may not always be the way you want it, but it’s always at its best the way you need it. There’s just this someone you won’t resist to love. I just read that one of my friends turned from being single to In a relationship. Though I really don’t know about her beau, I felt happy for them just knowing they’re in love! So here’s a post about love. Nothing new about its wide definition instead I just want to share with you these lovely couples I admire.

1. Tjay and Pao - My bestfriend and her boyfriend for five years now. These two I've known since childhood in Dubai and who knew they would end up together? I was surprised but totally happy about it! 

2. Zy and Nan - My cousin and her long time boyfriend. these two shared a quite long distance relationship when my cousin was studying college in Manila and they're still together up to now!

3. Berna and Arch. Rodel - My manager Mam Berna and her now husband Architect Rodel. They just celebrated their first wedding anniversary this month. They now have a cute Mikaella and another baby soon to come out! so happy for them!

4. Kuya and Pey - Again my brother and sister in law, of course they're one of the most wonderful couples i know!

And my favorite couple of all time:

5. Mama and Papa - These lovely couple brought me to this world! For better or for worse, they keep our family together, contented and happy!

I admire these couples because they’ve shared love for years now. But love doesn’t depend on how long you’ve been together. It’s about how much you can do for someone’s happiness. It’s when you learn to be unselfish. If you just keep your heart open, love will definitely hit you! The next thing you know, you’re already head over feet in love with the much unexpected person.

As for me, love is when you’re too scared of what’s next and too excited of where it will take you. And nothing will really matter; just the feeling of love and you’ll be willing to take any chances. It’s always a risk, so choose the love that will be worthy of you.



  1. hi cous...salamat sa mga comments mo sa blog ko...wow nman....kasama ako sa mga inspiration mo when it comes to relationship...kaya nyo yan...promis...love u cous and miss u.

  2. thanks couz! kayo din reinan, stay strong! loves yaa!

  3. Oh what a nice post!! Its so uplifting!! Congrats to you, and your beau! And the beaus of your family and friends! Here's to love! :)

  4. @Nicole: Thanks so much nicole! spread the love!

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  6. @Jordan: thanks for that! sure i'll check your blog too!

  7. I can tell we're going to be great virtual friends, you have good taste in celebrities, a guilty pleasure of mine. Thanks for joining my blog.

  8. sure thing jordan.. keep posting!

  9. You are your boyfriend are a beautiful couple! and your parents are a wonderful inspiration :)