Musuem of Islamic Art

Snap back to reality! I've had 5 long days in Doha, Qatar last week. They were really long days because there's not much to see and do. It's an ideal place to earn money. It's surely more fun here in Dubai but we spend a lot here because of too much places to see and things to experience. Doha is like a preserved country starting to cut open and bloom! They're much wealthier and Dubai and still on the process of developing.

We went to Musuem of Islamic Art on my second day. I've been researching about this place since I knew that I was going to Doha. I'm not much of a fan of history but I like the atmosphere when you're inside a museum. I think every place should have a good museum to be a must-visit for tourist. 

Designed by a veteran architect I.M. Pei, this museum was already acclaimed as one world's greatest museums. The location is perfect as well, located along Doha's corniche with clusters of dhows on the side and the breathtaking view of the sea. I was amazed how the color of the sea seems unreal because of it's beauty. I guess that's one thing I liked about the place more than Dubai where corniche looks crowded and not as relaxing as in Doha.

Taking his cue from the diversity of the collections, Mr. Pei sought to create a structure that would embody the “essence of Islamic architecture.” He spent months traveling across the Middle East searching for inspiration. He visited the ninth-century Ahmad ibn Tulun Mosque in Cairo, a sober structure organized around a central court with a templelike central fountain, and ancient fortresses in Tunisia. - The New York Times

“The museum is an object,” Mr. Pei said. “It should be treated as a piece of sculpture.” - The New York Times



  1. Certainly a very modern architecture. I'm glad you shared these photos. I love visiting museums, those old ones with centuries of history as well as those modern ones. Lovely to know that you're back and thanx for leaving me a comment. I've not been blogging as much as before and I tend to only return visits to people who leave me comments so I'm glad we re-connected!

  2. Great pics!)I like your blog!Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know in my blog. xoxo

  3. wow! ang ganda naman dun! I wonder if pwede magpicture kahit saang sulok. :D