Chocolate wonder!

Best view I've ever seen to so far? Chocolate hills of Bohol Island!!! Even if you're not a nature lover, you'll call this place without any doubt, "wonderful". We were not on top yet I was already repeatedly saying "wow"! This is surely the main reason why I've been wanting to visit Bohol. There are lot more to see in Bohol though but I guess this place would be anyone's reason to really go on a trip.

Everyone probably have heard of these famous hills. Not yet? Go search your Google now and be amazed of its forms! Measuring up to 400 feet tall, the hills are made of limestone containing marine fossils dating back millions of years. The grass that usually covers the hills turns a milky brown come dry season, that apparently makes it's chocolate like appearance visible. You'll have to climb a 214 to get to the viewing deck which will be worth it.

We don't have much spectacular photos though since my best friend's SLR ran out of battery just when we got to the best part of our tour! How cool?! So here's an astonishing photo from the internet to make you believe how God perfectly made those hills!

Image from Fotopedia
Plus one cool image from Tumblr.

For those who are planning to spend their vacay in the Philippines this summer, you should absolutely check this chocolate wonder. I too would certainly come back soon!

I'm glad I did this trip with my best friend, this kind of adventure should be shared with important people in your life. One word for Chocolate Hills of Bohol, AWESOME! 



  1. Looks like you had so much fun.
    I've been to Bohol 6years ago and haven't gone back since then, hopefully its just as beautiful even if it was hit by an earthquake. :(
    My sister is now based in Bohol with her family coz her husband's family is from Bohol. I may come back for a visit soon. :)

  2. Gorgeous place! Such a beautiful landscape!

  3. this is so god damn awesome ! the place is so breath taking!

  4. beautiful ! the nature is incredible... love to travel! xx happy monday

  5. Is it OK now in Bohol? I would love to go there someday! Bdw, I love your hat in this pic

    Mutzii | D.U.M.

  6. aww. i've seen chocolate hills' awesomeness too. ♥

  7. Amazing photography! This post makes me wanna travel so bad!! :) ♥

  8. Ive never been to Bohol :( Want to go there so badly naah!

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  9. omg that looks SO MUCH FUN! and adorable. I've never been but thats one of my places that I would like to go now :D

  10. I have never been to Bohol. I wanna travel there so bad. Awesome photos, btw!