Post Christmas Wish: How about..

I was browsing through my old post when I read this one regarding my Christmas wish in 2010 and 2011.

December 2011 post:
An excerpt from my Tumblr, my Christmas wish last year which was Forgiveness.
it’s Christmas time. the best gift to give this season is forgiveness. it's time you learn to forgive people who caused you pain. stop keeping hatred in your heart. whatever has happened to you, never blame anyone for it. help yourself to let go of the hurt. you shouldn't keep your anger for too long. the person may not have the strength to ask for your forgiveness, so why not give it instead without them asking for sorry? it will surely make you feel better. Heal your heart with God..
This year, I wish everyone to be hopeful. Rich countries are under going financial crisis. Job recessions results to unemployed professionals. Earthquakes, tsunami and natural calamities brought lifestyle damages. Even the controversial 2012 movie gives us threat for next year. No Harold Camping can tell how or when this world will end. Only God knows his own plan. You are in control of your life but it's still Him who owns us. We are His and He will always find a way to make us feel loved even the most darkest days and worst struggles we may have.

Let's be hopeful that every waking day will still be beautiful. Be hopeful that tomorrow, after a heavy storm will come a sunny day. Be hopeful that after all those years of being alone, someone will capture you heart. Be hopeful that tears will turn into smiles. Be hopeful that the next days you will still have reasons to burst out a good laugh. Be hopeful that you'll finally get that job promotion (I just did!Yehey!). Be hopeful that you're close to reaching that dream. Be hopeful and faithful that God will never leave you no matter what!

I had to say a lot about 2012 but I didn't have time to blog since I got here. It was just this past days that I realize how I miss sitting for hours, thinking and pondering into things then writing about the stuffs I gathered in my mind. Yeah I miss reading books too. This life lately was such a fast track. Mood swings are attacking everywhere as well.

Oh Twenty Thirteen...please be kind to me. My wish for this year is to witness a miracle! Yeah that big! So how about love? I'm always loved. But long time relationships? I never really had one. My longest was up to almost two years only. Sometimes I feel like I messed up so much in relationships. I don't play around, but time comes when both of you just really can't work things out anymore. I'm turning twenty three this year. Everyone have the love of their lives, my girlfriends are suddenly getting romantically engaged, former classmates getting pregnant. Flash news like those makes me feel sad for myself. Haha. Okay seriously, it does. I should totally be happy and free being single, like what would I ask for? But it's still nice to have someone you know who'll stay for like forever if there is. Well call me die hard romantic but I do believe there is. God has given me challenges on relationships since I started out on this crazy love reality. I usually get myself into a situation where I keep chasing for someone who obviously isn't going to stay. I hate holding on into false hopes but I always do. I'm a hoeplessly hopeful kind when I fall in love. I wish this year I become lucky enough to bump into a real prince! Someone who can trade ten great years of his life to be with me and start a life. Whoa dream on! Haha. I can't say much because it's apparently a wish that requires a lot of patience. Okay I'll try my best. Hahaha.

So dears, whatever you're feeling right now, whether we're the same or not, I wish your hearts finds love well this year!



  1. Hello Macy thanks for dropping by my site & for the book recommendation ^_^
    I haven't post as much last year haha busy-busyhan anyway, what a LOVEly wish.Well for me I learned like what they use to say be yourself,love yourself first & be the right person rather than the other way around plus I do believe that love comes when you least expected it haha!I'm such a hopeless romantic but I do like it & I'm happy whenever I saw some of my friends who actually got a love life haha I mean there's not rush we're young, 20's is such an epic stage (which reminds of the book f*ck I'm in my 20's so funny check it out there's also a tumblr page for it ;)) Happy 2013! :D

  2. A meaningful post. A meaningful wish and thanx for your wishes too.

    I'm not sure where are you now. In Dubai? Coz your last comment confused me.

    I’m glad my sunset photo could cheer you up as it reminded you of home. Have you relocated or something? I haven’t been catching up as closely as I should.