Things just gets so tricky a lot of times. Or let's say people. I guess it's actually us who make things complicated. And all we can do is try. Try to make them look right. Question is, are we really learning? Or do we keep making the same reasons, same choices, same mistakes? once in a while we choose to fight for something. How sure are we that it's worth every risk? How do we know when to stop chasing what apparently isn't something that's going to last? Maybe we never know. Who doesn't seek for happiness anyway? Everyone will get tired of you feeling lonely, so you might as well try to be happy despite all. And someday,you will really be.



  1. This is very true.

  2. Life is not that easy. Some people learn from their mistakes while others keep on making them. It has different things to offer to different people. But we should focus on psoitive things not on negatives.