What Really Matters

It's not about how the hell things went crazy or who screwed it all up. It's about how and what you learned during the process of accepting what you can't change and letting yourself go out of the cage you locked yourself into. It's not about how he caused you pain but how he positively made you feel beautiful when he was around then. People had to make choices and we can't control what they make for their lives. You may be in their plans or not, you need not to be assured of. They'll keep you if they really want to.

Yesterday I saw someone who let me down so hard almost 3 years ago. I knew I was going to see him there. I knew how I would not let myself treat him nicely. Still, the very moment I saw his face, all those bitterness just faded. His smile reminded me how good of a person he was to me. It suddenly hit me that this person wasn't bad at all. I instantly felt how much I've recovered and how I learned to forgive him already. I realized that this person deserves the happy life he has right now, and so do I. Our lives went fine not being together, not pushing hard on what we tried to fight for. See, God really showed me His reasons for everything, answers to all my questions before.

Now I know scenes like this are not just in movies. And a moment like that won't bring back pain instead pure happiness. It just happened to me. I saw clearly how we made each other a better whole, and that's what really matters after all.

Have a happy Thursday!



  1. I can relate! Time heals all wounds talaga eh. I experienced the same thing. I saw a person who I hated so much for doing something really bad. But years later, I realized that it was just one bad mistake against so many good memories. :)

    Coffee With Kim

    1. you're right Kim..we learn to forget the bad things but good memories will always be precious..=)

  2. Wow! What a powerful post and experience Macy. This is a proof that you are a very mature person.

  3. I wish I cant relate to that someday when I see THAT person. :) Sometimes people just can't help but hold on to the bitterness too much.

    A Hint of Sunlight

  4. No wonder they say time heals everything, what an inspiring entry :) thanks for hoping by my blog & look forward for more updates from you :D



  5. very inspirational. love this positive message. :)


  6. lovely post, lovely blog!
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  7. I love your post , not so many people are able to think it that way :) Would you love to follow each other ?:)

  8. Thank you for sharing your story . Blog is amazing , I red lines down there , previous post . So true . Following you , too <3

  9. Everything in life happens for a reason, whether good or bad. We learn something from each experience, learning to give thanks for the good and embracing the good we can learn from the bad. We may harbour lots of bitterness and resentment towards someone but after some time, we would realise that all these bitterness isn't really necessary at all.

  10. What a lovely blog!
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  11. That is awesome! So glad you had that moment. And yes if we can be healed and just learn from life. Holding onto pain doesn't do anyone any good.

  12. This is actually one of the moments I hoped for. To see those people who had hurt me so deep one day, just to check how I would react. ;D