Shocking Art: Tyler Shields

10:13 PM

I always see his controversial name from famous celebrity photos. No wonder Tyler Shields made a name for himself as a go-to photographer with his extreme creativity. He likes portarying sexy, violent strange scenes. Not everyone likes his art, but I think they're awesome. Some are pretty romantic actually. See for yourself.

Think-Work-Play: Why do you feel it is important to create shocking art?
Tyler Shields: To me it’s not shocking at all to me it is exactly what makes sense at the time it just so happens that certain things I make shock people the intention is not to shock but to make you think!
Where do you come up with your ideas, is there a special place or do random places spring up best ideas – examples?
The world. I can see a person walking down the street and get an idea.

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  1. His photos are beautiful! I wish I had the resources to conduct shoots like his. :D

    Coffee With Kim

  2. I love the 1st and last photos!

  3. I love his work. Amazing!

  4. thanks for stopping by, happy to follow you back! xx

  5. I spent quite some time at Tyler's page seeing the samples here that he is not really a typical mainstream artist so I decided to check out his page. Thanx for sharing!

  6. amazing pictures:)
    kiss kiss

  7. Those pictures are awesome! And nothing too shocking of the ones you posted at least

  8. So pretty!

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    ox from NYC!


  9. thanks for your comment
    I follow you now too. :)

  10. I like photos with emotions... you can really see the emotions in his photos! Really cool, and now i am so hooked! I love it