The most romantic day of the year is coming! Lots of love on February 14! Once again, I won't be spending the special day with a date. My supposed-to-be date is literally physically miles away for the second time around. My plan for V-day? I'll be eating lots! Yes I will pamper myself with foods. Bitter? Haha. I really wish I have a date. Like he can go home for a day and we'll have a SUPER-date! And it'll be like:

6:00am till before we starve for lunch:
Balloon Adventure Up Up and Away! - Canterbury, New Zealand
We will journey our morning to the spectacular Mt. Cook region. We will fly and enjoy the view of the sun rising out of the ocean, toward snow capped mountains! Morning is the scenic flight. Flying time is just for one hour but it takes 3-4 hours to prepare.

Lunch time:
Modern Greek Cuisine - Oia, Santorini, Greece
We will be having a perfect lunch with dreamlike terrace views!  Ambrosia restaurant in Oia, Santorini is one of the most popular romantic place for couples in Greece. The intimate setting on two small terraces  is a truly special Santorini experience!
"It offers one of the most tranquil and dreamlike terrace views of the caldera and the volcano, which in addition to the good food and excellent services make dining there an unprecedented experience."

Afternoon around 1:00pm-5:00pm:
Eternal love under the Bridge of Sigh - Venice, Italy
We're gonna spend the afternoon cruising over the lagoon as this is the best way to experience the romance of this city. Venice ranks right up there as a city for lovers. It’s there where you’ll find the famous Bridge of Sighs where, local legend says, lovers will be assured eternal love if they kiss on a gondola at sunset under the bridge. We should definitely try that!
"Venice is a maze that anyone would want to get lost in. You will see artisans still at their trade, musicians playing their instruments, and baroque architecture."

Rialto Bridge, Venice
Bridge of Sigh, Venice
Watch sunset while on the Eye! - London
Take a ride on London's eye! It has always been my dream since I've watched the movie "If Only". They said that the best time to ride the eye is when the sun is setting, so we might as well take that advice from experienced tourist. I love rides, high rides! Being somewhere high give me the feeling of confidence and  success. So I really want to ride here for the first time with the one I love. I want to feel how beautiful life is with that person!

Dine at a candlelight garden - Tixkokob, Yucatan, Mexico
Of course the most romantic will always be the dinner part when you can just have a good talk and maybe just stare at each other if you really can't help it. We will have a magical delight at Hacienda San Jose. The image shows all the romance!
"The finest linen, silver cutlery and soft candlelight please the senses, and the temptation to linger in the cool evening breezes is very strong."

Hacienda San Jose, Mexico
The rest of the night:
Around New York! - New York, USA
Enjoy New York city! We'll have a joy ride around Manhattan. Visit the Empire state building or stroll at Central Park. Or maybe see a broadway musical show! I love theater. I've read that there are comedy clubs in NY, we might as well enjoy additional laughter too. We can also visit museums and art galleries since we are huge fans of art. And finally witness fireworks display before the night ends!

Girls are naturally die-hard-romantics no matter how deny it. And every girl deserves a SUPER-date. These ideas of mine are so dreamy! It can be realistic, but only one place at a time. Si superman lang makakagawa nito in one day! You can actually consider any date as a SUPER-date, because the truth is all you want is just to be with your special someone no matter where unromantic place you both may be. It's never the place that sets the fire, it's how mushy you can get when you think about how much you love him/her. Any activity you love doing together can get romantic. So here's my more realistic, less dreamy and simple version of a SUPER-date:

1. Wake me up with dozen of white roses and heavy breakfast meal! Chicken burger or rice meal with mango juice or fresh milk!
2. Take some rest after breakfast then jogging! Yes like Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise! Feel healthy and energetic together!
2. Have lunch at a beach front resto with great interior design, ambiance and cuisine!
3. Movie trip or play a video game. Get high with Xbox!
4. Walk and watch the sunset at the shore! The mushy and picture taking part!
5. Full pack dinner with lots of stories to tell! Yehey! We love eating together, trying new stuffs and craving for more then realizing we can't finish them all. Foods gives us happiness! 

I know it's too early but Advance Happy Hearts day everyone! Excited? Haha!

"I'm not sure if you feel a spark,
but I feel fireworks when I'm with you!" 




  1. wow! I want all of them. First on the list it would have to be SONTORINI!

  2. super date indeed. i'd love to be in venice. ♥:)

  3. macy, these are super dates i would love to go on with my hubs. awesome. :)

  4. hahaha i love this post! and macy... i think you can actually haves dates like this- on the bachelor! ;-) i'm single and plan on buying an amazing pair of shoes for valentine's day. an i love me present- hahaha! tara

    1. haha maybe i'll buy myself a gift as well..hehe

  5. I wish i could go to this dates too! Looks perfect!

  6. just one of those places and it's already a super date.

    Truth be told, Id rather be single on V-day so I can treat myself or go out with other girls or something.

    I can't expect my bf to be sweet at all, he might even forget its Vday. :(

  7. Seems like a beautiful romantic adventure!! I've never been in a hot-air balloon. Ever. I don't know whether I'd be frightened or just having fun! lol.

    Best wishes,


    [your everyday girl,
    writing about guys]

  8. i'm not really a fan of valentine's day but i'd certainly won't pass up a chance to visit those places.

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  10. What a great post, I want to go to all those places now! but your right, it is the smaller, less important moments that are the best, just enjoying being together :) Hope your having a good 2012 so far xo Ellie

    1. thankyou ellie.. sometimes the simple moments are sweeter..=)

  11. santorini & venice are both romantic...