Year end gratitudes

1. Old friends! - Reunited with friends from Dubai. We're all settled here in Philippines now but we don't get a chance to get together like this often. This was our picture after our freakin' Anawangin adventure last November. Friendship never gets old!

2. Job promotion! - my job always keeps me aiming for more! God gave me His last minute blessing before the year ends! Whatta cool gift for an employee!

3. Good food! - exactly what I need to keep me energized everyday! I'm lucky enough to have more than 3 meals in a day. 

4. Leisure - Every once in a while, I can go places I want.

5. New friends - This year I changed my job environment. I used to work in a construction, I transferred to an interior design firm. New place too! And new faces to get along with. Gladly it isn't hard to find new friendship with them.

My housemates!
Beer-day with officemates*
6. Bonded and tight Family! - We are actually not complete this year. Papa and my older brother are working abroad but our family is huge. We're too many! And the more the merrier. Bondings never ends.

What more can I say, I'm a lucky girl! Count your blessing guys! God loves us so much. Walk by faith, not by sight. Every year, change is constant and better change for the best! Happy New Year! Yey excited for fireworks display later!



  1. Loved this post<3

    & yes I'm always counting my blessings :)


  2. Year end gratitude! Yes, you do sound like a really lucky girl and to be happy with such simple thing is truly one of the best gift ever.

    Happy new year to my dear blog friend!

    May you live, love and laugh your way through 2012!

    Thanks for your comment while I was away. I enjoyed reading them. I haven't got time to catch up with the posts which I've missed so just a short well-wish note here. I'll catch up when I'm back in Singapore.

    Once again happy new year!

  3. You are indeed! Congrats on your promotion =) Happy New Year & I wish you all the best for 2012! xoxo

  4. mas yummy baby back ribs mo dito cous..haha...more foods to come! at congrats sa atin at tita na tayo!

  5. Happy New Year!

    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. :)

    Are you in the Philippines?

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