Thank you Holidays!

Thank you for the weekend and two holidays! Those holidays meant "paying a visit" for me. I finally get to visit people I don't get to see because I usually feel busy to do so. Nagamit ko naman ang free time ng maayos ngayon, hindi puro movie trip lang. Haha. We also get to watch a movie on Saturday night, "The Three Muskeeters". It's a must-see movie! So here's how the holidays went.

1. Trick or Treat!

The captain of our barangay organized this "gimik" for less fortunate kids. They visited our humble store where we've prepared bags of candies for them. Nakakatuwa. Kasi kids know how to appreciate simple things like that. Sana pati grown ups ganun din. =)

2. Visited my cousins!

Ate Kat is like my best friend. We used to call each other "best cousin". I missed her so much because I haven't seen her for almost half a year. We had so many catch up story sharing to do. She's about to give birth next month which made me so excited for her. She may be young but she had been strong enough to handle the situation she's gone through. Let's all wish her luck for her brand new life with a new born baby before the year ends!

3. Another visit!

We visited at my sister-in-laws house. I missed them! Especially Sean, that cute big boy na beside me. Hehe.

4. All Saints Day!

And of course, the main purpose for holidays is to visit our beloved relatives. We visited Lola which we do every year with the whole family. Unfortunately, this year we didn't get to visit together so it felt different. I miss the family bonding every All Saints Day. Anyway, I'd like to share this poem with my Grandma's picture in it. Well, our Lolo found this poem inside his wallet days after Lola died of heart attack. She might have left it in his wallet knowing she'll be gone soon. You'll sure be touched!

And now I'm back in regular working days. Kaya medyo tinatamad na ako magkwento, kasi I'm excited to get home and have a good rest. Work again tomorrow! Then another holiday on Monday! Wee!



  1. Wow bez, your ate kat doesn't look preggy at all in that pic! Sexy pa din. :) Ang galing nmn nya. :D

    Anyways, It's good that you've spent your holidays well. :) I also love the poem on your lola's grave...

    Take care always!


  2. thanks bez! yes hindi siya mukhang preggy, so pretty pa din. =)

  3. The holidays are such a wonderful time to get together w/ the people you love! Looks like you had fun!!!

    xoxo Denise

  4. ang saya naman. those kids wearing red horns are the sweetest little evils.
    & you have a beautiful relatives...

  5. yes holidays time magsaya..thankyou! and thanks for following denise! =)

  6. Aww the poem with your lola's picture is very touching. Something to help people stay positive when they are grieving.

    And those kids, I'm glad they had fun! It's really sweet that such activity was planned for them.

    Glad you enjoyed the long weekend, Macy! Take care and God bless! :-)


  7. Hi, your blog is inspiring! You are a very interesting person. I will follow you!

  8. Thanks so much Irene!..Thanks nik, i'll sure follow you too!