21 Things I learned (Part 2)

3. Laughter is definitely the best medicine.

Yes as the famous saying goes, it’s totally the best cure for every lonely soul. It may not take all your pains away, but it can lessen the hurt. No one's suppose to live and die alone. We all need people to get goofy with. Funny friends to make you laugh your loudest during your loneliest days. Family to uplift you when you're down. And you got to share the laughter to others too! That's why when I feel tired and stressed from my busy routine on weekdays. I make the most of it on weekends. I make sure to watch a comedy movie or see a friend I can laugh with. Make sure to give that best laugh every waking day. You'll live longer!

4. "The pain goes away sooner than you think."

This line is from one of my favorite movies "My Sassy Girl". The movie is a bout a girl who lost her boyfriend because of an accident she thought was her fault. She felt like living without her boyfriend, her life was pointless. She would drink, cry and feel the pain everyday. Until she learned to live with it. To live again without the pain anymore. I've gone through my worst heartache last year, yes at this very young age! My story was something that could break your heart if you'll listen to every detail of it. I kinda felt like the girl in the movie but I also learned that letting go makes you understand more. It opens up your mind and soul and heals the wound. I learned to accept and go on. For sure, it will all get better in time.

5. You're gonna miss things you thought you wont.

Things and people you deal with your daily lifestyle may seem like they're never going away. The office work you used to hate because it gives you stress are the things you'll miss to do when you get bored. The office mate who loves to irritate you, you'll surprisingly miss him when he resigns. Lets not take things for granted and think that they'll always be there. Nothing is permanent in this world. You'll surely hate the feeling of missing someone or something so bad because you didn't give them enough appreciation when you still can and when they needed it the most.

I'll be posting pictures tomorrow from my birthday celebration with my best friend. Miss her already! We have a long weekend, let's all enjoy the four long days!..YEHEY! Godbless everyone!



  1. Totally agree with what you wrote. :) I think I need to practice no. 1 more often, as I am soo serious and quiet most of the time, hehe. :)

  2. Super agree bez!!! Love all these things you!'ve learned. :D

  3. Pak! agree with you!bonggels 2 entry!