21 Things I Learned (Part 1)

1. Don’t rush!
For one I had this great job. Probably the best one, best officemates and most fun work environment I’ve experienced. Then I felt sick of it after almost 2 years of stay. I felt like I’ve been stuck in one place for a long time. I wanted a different one, a new job. So I looked for something I thought would be better. Then after the failure of my attempted overseas job, I landed somewhere I least expected. A new company but lesser salary and entry level position only. See because of wanting something better, I lost the best one I already have. So with time, I learned that I shouldn’t rush on my career. I’m this girl with so much dreams for her career but I won’t get there overnight. W e should all go through a step-by-step process. And I know I’ll get there soon.

2. Share your blessings!
I love spending for others. I’m not rich but I can say I’m earning bigger now and I feel better when I share it to people I love. I love the smile on their faces when they’re full of the food I bought. It's not the feeling of being proud because you're the one whose capable of spending, but it's making them happy in simple ways. Buy yourself a fancy dress and you feel pretty, buy your sibling a shirt he's dying to have and you'll feel fullfilled! Agree? Share!

BTW, it's my DAY today! YEHEY! I just turned TwenTEEN one this morning! Thanks God for the wonderful 21 years! I will be posting about my birthday celebrations this week. Celebration with former officemates last Saturday, with family last Sunday, with officemates last night and with special someone tonight. =)




  1. Happy Birthday! :)

    I'm 23 now and I just learned no. 1 a month ago. I guess we should trust that everything happens "in God's time". So yea, no rush.:D


  2. Thanks bee! We're still young ,never too late to enjoy every moment!

  3. I'm 16 hah, but mistakes are the best way to learn things I suppose! :D Following you now!


  4. HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!
    Sorry I missed you on the 17th X(


  5. New follower thanks for the visit. Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday! Twenty one is a super important birthday event of a girl like you and there's no way to rush things... just enjoy every moment!