How to Spend Rainy Holidays at Home

It’s a long weekend! We have two paid holidays. Yehey! And it’s a rainy one. We have a storm here which means non-stop rain again. So I’ve been thinking of things to do at home. Here’s what I have on my list! Maybe it can help you too.

1.      General cleaning – Get up early and do the laundry! This is the first thing I did this morning. Clean up! Holidays are perfect opportunity to just relax, and it'll feel better to chill inside a clean house right? You can also move around your furniture or try a new decoration for your bedroom. Change your bed sheets and curtains. And most of all, don't forget to clean up your closet! Say goodbye to your usual messy room!

2.      Movie time! – Go out for a while and rent videos. Try old movies you’ve just heard of before but never really had a chance to watch. It's okay to be a couch potato on holidays!

Couch potato!
If you want to have a good laugh, rent movies like these:


3.      Be creative – Start your scrapbook. This way you can also linger at your good days. Memories of childhood and old friends. Grab the photos and put it in a scrapbook. What's good with a scrapbook is you can compile old papers you didn't want to throw because of it's sentimental value, it'll not look like a trash anymore. You can also put your certificates of achievement or your travel photos. Your creativity side will surely be enhanced with this activity. It'll be fun!


4.      Read a good book - You may not be a bookworm, but why not try for a change? Come on grab a book, it wouldn't hurt! In fact, any book can help expand your vocabulary and creative writing abilities. If you're not in the mood to read a whole book, try reading books with inspirational short stories. I recommend these:


5.      Love your own! – Take a good look of yourself in the mirror. You think you need a haircut? You need beauty remedies? Review your skin. Discover about new beauty products and how it can make you glow. I heard The Body Shop products gives really good results. I'm not a beauty expert, visit Love Skin Best on my blogroll. (Yes I'm promoting your blog bez! Hehe!)


6.      Take a picture! – Take a picture of your house. This is a place where you go home everyday but maybe you haven't really looked around. I took a photo of our humble house! I didn't wanna take pictures inside, it's messy! HAHA

Front elevation of our house. HAHA

7. Family time! - Maybe you haven't talk to your grannies for sometime. Why not spend an hour listening to their life stories, like how was their life way back or maybe their love story! You know grannies love talking to their grandchildren, but we tend to get bored or irritated with their old fashion ways right? It's time to appreciate them, you'll never know until when they'll be around. You can call relatives abroad, they love calls from home! It'll help them cope with homesickness. Bond with your siblings! Have a good talk about their studies, work or love life! And of course, spend some time talking to your parents. If you're not really that close with them, start the connection now! Family will always be your family!

Remember to spend your time wisely! It might be a while before you'll have more time off again!



  1. I remember the times when we would swap Chicken Soup Books and read them inside the school bus! Hay, nakakamiss isipin ano?

    Thanks for promoting me bez! Love you!!! Can't wait for October. Mwah!!!


  2. I miss paid holidays! They don't have them in the US

  3. Yep bez! I stil read Chicken Soup up to now. See you soon! Loves yah!

  4. @Jordan: We only get paid when it's a legal holiday. And we have very few of it!

  5. Yes of course you're right I mean the random paid holidays or at least they seemed random to me. Thanks for coming by the blog buttercup.