Hong Kong in 12 hours

Last June, we booked a 15 hours lay over in Hong Kong before heading home to Philippines to spend an unforgettable summer! We were outside of the airport premises for about 12 hours and this is how we made the most out of it.

Hong Kong express train was the easy way to get around fast and convenient. We had only two things in mind for this quick tour, park & food!

First? Hong Kong Disneyland! We spent a quick 3 hour visit to this happy place. We literally took quick walks and pictures as the sun was soaring hot above us. The weather was not pleasant at all, but don't get me wrong, the kiddos inside us didn't lose the excitement and craving for theme parks, and well, it's Disneyland of course!
As expected, the line to get close to Mickey Mouse was too long for us with limited time. While planning the trip, I told myself I would make sure to have a photo with Mickey Mouse but hey, Goofy was sure fun and it seems they got along well, right?. LOL

Second and last stop for the few hours left, Mongkok!It was easy to get there, just around 6 train stations away and taddah, the busy streets awaits you!

Having a chef for a boyfriend means food trip anytime anywhere! So I really had to research the best city in Hong Kong where you can find unlimited street food stalls around. Honestly, it had not been easy to ask the vendors about the food they are selling as they don't speak much English. We just had to point out what we want and wish that it taste good!

I was in search for a good milk tea when we passed this Mobile Softee that was intriguing because of the queue. Turns out, this ice cream cone was cheap and yummy!

This was our first trip together outside Dubai and it was better than I expected. I am grateful that he is as curious and hungry for experience as I am. This was also my first lay over where I went outside of the airport and I swear I'd do it again!



  1. Hong Kong I believe is one of the very good places to spend summers but tourism has so far neglected this place, rather underestimated. For food lovers, especially, seafood, yes this is the place.

  2. I've always wanted to visit Hong Kong!!

    xoxo, rae