Stunning Souq: Khan El Khalili, Cairo

Khan El Khalili was first on the list that my Egyptian friend gave me for our itinerary which she said was a "Must See" and "Not to be missed" tourist attraction. However I felt like it's just a typical souq like anywhere here in Dubai. Although souqs are one of main attractions in any Middle Eastern countries, it seemed I've had enough here. But since it was late when we arrived in Cairo, Khan El Khalili was the nearest place from our hotel that we can visit to make the most out of the night. And I'm glad we did!

The atmosphere while walking in the market made us feel like were taken back in time. Look at the paintings lying on the streets and the horses guarding the old gates!

We were able to buy souvenirs for a lower price compare to those who sells at the Pyramid site which are literally overpricing! I regret not buying all the souvenirs from here. In addition to the shops, there are coffee shops as well. I initially only wanted to go there to see the more than two century year old El Fishawy cafe which is also one of the "Must Visit" as per my Egyptian office mate. But upon enjoying the walk and taking pictures, it totally slipped my mind and it was late when I remembered that it's already closed! It was said that it is where the ancient writers used to have their coffee while writing about Egypt history.

It was good this was the first place we visited in Cairo as it already gave us the feel that we really are exploring a historical city!



  1. I've never visited a Middle Eastern country before and Egypt is always something I love to read about and watch about. How nice it feels to be transported back in time. Lots of rich history happened there. It's a pity you missed the cafe but I'm glad you got to explore other parts of the streets and had fun too.

    MACY! You disappeared for a while and came back again. Always glad to see lost blog friends here. You should totally come by Singapore! It would just be a short little trip. And thank you for your compliments! All the effort on my hair to make it look effortless. Lol

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

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