Never settling for less

I passed by this good read about never settling for less when it comes to love, thought it'd be nice to share. 

There are many things we may settle for in life: the meal that has fewer calories, the bad job in the right city or maybe the clothes on the sale rack. The one thing we should never settle for, however, is love. There are many average things in life, but love should not be one of them. Through the masses of mediocre, common and run-of-the-mill things that we experience day by day, love should certainly defy them all.
We should never settle for someone who could walk away and not turn back. We should never settle for someone who doesn’t recognize what he is holding when embracing our hands or someone who doesn’t remind us every day of how much we mean to him. What you truly deserve, well, is everything. What you deserve is someone missing you the moment you walk out the door, even if you’ll only be gone a moment.
You deserve someone who may not believe in fairy tales, but who treats you like a princess simply because that’s what you are to him. You deserve someone who will challenge you instead of just giving in. Someone who will share his honest thoughts with you because you’re going to share your honest lives together; yet, someone who knows how to forgive and to be happy instead of right.

You deserve something that isn’t easy; a love that is hard, but you tough it out together. You learn through your battles and you start to fight them together. You stand your ground, but you stand beside each other doing so. You deserve to be tested in your limits because it’s at the edge where you discover the greatest faith. You deserve a true and epic love, nothing short of the above. You deserve to be someone’s dream come true, never someone’s afterthought. You deserve to walk on air and walk on fire at the same time because the very best things in life are not easy.

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For those who are in love right now, I hope you stay happy and excited every time no matter how long you've been with your beau. For those who haven't found the one yet, well everything that takes time is worth it, just don't be tired of waiting. Happy weekend!




  1. I have been happily committed to "my hero" for 7 years and married for 3. I can say that I did not settle for less and I'm glad I know what kind of love I deserve. :)

  2. i am still waiting for my prince charming to come rescue me. hahaha. I never had a boyfriend since birth and I am loving my life. I believe that he'll come one day so might as well enjoy everything that's happening to me. :D anyway, thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog dear! :)
    have a blessed weekend!~

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