Reasons Why You Will Never Become Rich

3:10 AM

I'm not saying money can buy happiness, but we all work hard for money to be happy right? We need money to be able to buy a house and lot for our family, to be able to fly a thousand miles to meet the love of our life. But did you ever feel like you've been working hard so long and you're still struggling?
I found this interesting article about reasons why you will never become like those first class icons who gets to travel twice a month just to relax. I felt like most of the things on the list are slap in the face, on my face! I earn big but I spend big as well. It's just lately that I realized this. I realized how much I spent the past few years for stuffs I thought I wanted turned out I only wanted them for a short time. I realize how much I overspend every time I go out and feel like I deserve to pamper myself. 

I have plans, I'm this kind of person who plans a lot. I plan for my next vacation, for something I want to learn, classes to take, amount of money to save for something special. Apparently, I always end up not having enough for my plans and I'm tired of it!

Here's the link for you to check out the full list. I hope it helps.
10 Reasons Why You Will Never Become Rich

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  1. Ouch! :) Basta alam ko someday I will be able to pay off all debts and whether I become rich or not... (I agree) happiness is still the priority!