Still blessed!

So July and August had gone by. There's too much to think about and I feel like there's so much blanks to fill in my head and in my heart. It's like everything I believed in for almost a year is falling apart. Every one gets this feeling every once in a while, and it doesn't feel good at all. Sigh.

Anywayssss... I'm trying my best to divert my feelings to a wonderful event that's about happen in 2 weeks time...Taddah! My annual vacation is here! 30 days to see and feel home!

This vacation came in a good timing and I just keep on believing God is about to give me something awesome soon! Even if you're feeling abandoned or whatever sad emotion you have right now, look at the things in your life that's still in the right places. Here's two blessed months in pictures:

B O W L I N G    N I G H T !!!
Bowling night with elem/high school friends! This was also the first time I've been with four of my dearest treasured friends. As in the four of us together in one roof! It's been about 7 years or more, and it's felt so good that this finally happened! I wish our 3 other girlfriends were there too. ^_^

N I G H T    S W I M M I N G !!!

Another plan  since summer started that finally happened! Night swimming it is! I've never been to the beach since May last year. So staying wet at the beach until dawn was a lot of fun!


We were invited by Ali in house for free dinner! We had to cook though because he likes Filipino dishes. He has a big space for a house parteeey! See family picture above! Haha!

I F T A R   P A R T Y 

The much awaited company event every year. I guess the only thing we were excited about is how we will look for that night. However Iftar party was just about waiting for a particular time to eat dinner all together in make-up and dresses!!!

E I D    M U B A R A K !!!

Eid it is!! Holiday means another dinner at Ali's crib. I bet he's enjoying our company so much, Filipinos are truly great friends! Haha! This time we slept over because we had a super late dinner and watched two movies until every felt sleepy!

W I N N E R !!!

And the very blessed of all! The winner's dinner buffet treat! God is really amazing. He just granted someone who is crying out loud because of insufficient funds with so much more than how much he spent for others! See how God gives back? He surprisingly won a raffle!

God is good in many ways. I'll be okay soon, I know that. And everything will just fall into place!!! Have a great week ahead! 



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  2. I love the series of photos and I agree with you we have to always look on the brighter side of life:)