Eheads LIVE!

I didn't grew up with Eheads music on the background. My parents used to play Michael Learns or Chicago instead. It was too late when I actually heard about them and they were already considered legend. When it comes to Pinoy rock bands, Parokya ni Edgar would most likely be my favorite. I'm not a super fan but their songs are great. While Eheads have really good songs but I only know a few. Knowing Eheads will be having a reunion concert in Dubai didn't excite me much. Actually I just watched because I love concerts! I know rock concerts are always fun so why not join the crowd. Fortunately, after watching them, I'm automatically turned into an Eheads fan! I didn't expect they could perform so good! No wonder they're one of the famous rock bands of all time. They're like the originals of everything since their songs were mostly revived already. One more thing, I've always thought Ely Buendia look old but NO..big no, he's still freaking charming at his 40's! What made the concert really alive were of course, the Filipinos were like one big family outside our own country. I honestly enjoyed this one more than the Black Eyed Peas concert in Manila. Eheads rocks!

One of their best songs ever.. "WITH A SMILE"

"you'll get by with a smile...
you can never be too happy in this life'cause in a world where everybody hatesa happy ending storyit's a wonder love can make the world go round"-ERASERHEADS