Fun Run + Fun Night!

Last Friday was a fun day plus a fun night till dawn! And it totally felt like the weekend!

We, the feeling athletic peeps joined a 5KM marathon without even taking a jog the whole weekdays. It was a run for fun event by McDonalds held in Al Khan, Sharjah. Yes we crossed state for this run. It wasn't a long trip though, we were already near the boundary. We were so confident to get out there. Haha. None of us won a trophy but at least two of us got a place somehow. And we didn't know how it was categorized. Some organizer just gave me a number when I finally reached the finish line. Someone said "41" and the number written was "7th". We really didn't figured out how they declared that, we got a prize anyway, with some awarding ceremony too! Haha!

The registration time was early and we waited for 3 hours before the run started. We found place where we thought we would just eat and get bored while waiting. But no, God's plans are always better than our expectations.Well we were lucky enough that they offer some karaoke!

Later that night, we invited them to come over our flat and do some more singing with some Vodka and beer. Tired and lack of sleep the next day, but a weekend spent with friends is definitely worthwhile!




  1. Marathons are such a fun!

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