21 Things I Learned (Part 3)

Still remember my post before my 21st birthday? I almost forgot about this, 21 things I learned in my 21 years of existence. So here's the recap of my list:
1. Don’t rush!
2. Share your blessings!
3. Laughter is definitely the best medicine!
4. The pain goes away sooner than you think.
5. You’re gonna miss things you though you won’t.
6. Reality bites!
7. Children get older!
8. Everything takes place at the right time
9. Pictures are forever.
10. You’ll miss your family more than your friends
11. Work hard and PLAY!
12. Its not about how much love you get but how much love you give.
13. Learning before earning.
14. Marriage is definitrely a lifetime commitment.
15. Boys love simplicity!
16. True friends are rare.
17. Spend time with your grandparents.
18. Family will always be your FAMILY!
19. Welcome those who come to you.
20. I'm a good girl.
21. LIfe is GOOD!

And we are now on number 6:
6. Reality Bites!
As I worked for different companies, I saw how many kinds of people there are in the real world. I know I haven't met all of them yet, but I've dealt with quite many twist personalities already. I've learned that it's really true that you can't please everyone. They may seem pleased but sometimes you'll never know what they can say behind your back. I've learned that we're living in a competitive world, anyone can bring you down when you're not strong enough. People can be mean. You have to show them that you're not weak and you can overcome their challenges too.

7. Children get older!
I'm getting older too! It's just this crazy feeling you get when you realize you're little brother and cousins are so grown up already! Which only means you're not getting any younger. They're graduating highschool, getting into college, they have love lifes! You miss the times you were just like them, experiencing new things.

8. Eveything takes place at the right time.
After every heartache, someone will come along if you keep that heart open. You'll find yourself accidentally in love with the most unexpected person. Someone who might have been there all along. God takes away someone from us because we deserve better. I thought it was just a qoute I used to read, but then it happened to me.

9. Pictures are forever!

I'm this girl who always has that line "Picture Picture!" as per my old friends from highschool. And my new friends keep saying that too. I always keep my camera on handy. I like capturing every funny. awkward, sweet and wonderful moments. Pictures may fade but the smiles and cheerful eyes on that moments the picture was taken, will never change.

Have a Happy Thursday!



  1. Hehehe call me a copy cat but I am inspired to do something like this on my 22nd birthday because of you. And I like no.8 Everything takes place at the right time. :)

    1. thanks Jelai! =) gagayahin ko din yung post mo..=)

  2. I love your last statement. I agree! Pictures indeed capture those once in a lifetime memories that come.

  3. This looks like a very interesting list! I'll be reading the rest. Hihi.

  4. Oh! I really love this post. I've realized a lot from it especially #8. I can so relate with that. =)

  5. you'll never know what they can say behind your back --true! sometimes you just can't trust everybody. sad truth.

    1. yes very true. so let's be careful who we open up to.

  6. True! I also love taking pictures! :) Kaya lang madalas wala ako sa photo :D but sometimes self timer is will save me talaga :)

    Jewel Clicks

    1. haha yun lang..dapat dalawa kayo sa grupo na lagi may dala camera kundi lugi ka =)

  7. love this post!
    kiss kiss


  8. aww same here! i always try to capture the moment when i'm with friends and family!! and gosh you're right.. we're not getting any younger! i have cousins too, who have love lives already!!! dati parang baby pa sila :P


  9. Picture picture din ang parati kong line. lol! Mahilig kasi talaga ako mag picture capturing memories we can cherish for a lifetime.

  10. I can really relate to this post! :D

    Let's chat sometimes dear! ;D

    skype: mutzii.kiirah :D

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