Yummy Favorites lately!

I've started my diet last week and I hate the fact that I'm surrounded with these yummy goodies! I love how blessings always pour unto us through foods but I really need to work on this diet. Yes I know everyone's reacting about me taking a diet, you'll know why when I get results. You'll see! Haha! These foods may not be new to you but these are my new favorites lately.

1. Savory - Beer Battered Fish Fillet
We had lunch at Savory in the newly opened SM Olongapo last week. Oh yes meron na din kami SM dito! It was my first time to try this recipe, never heard talaga. The name is so catchy that I chose to order this one and I'm a fan of different fish recipes. Judgement? Extra rice! 

2. Greenwich - Lasagna
I'm inlove with baked pastas. I love the melting cheese on top! My all time favorite are bake macaronis. Greenwich is my go-to place when I crave for it. I've heard lots about how they make good lasagna but I never dare to trade bake mac for it. So believe it or not, it's my first time to order Greenwich lasagna last Sunday. How did it went? I wanna have some every weekend! (Diet won't allow that though)

3. Tokyo Tokyo - California Makki
My aunt used to make sushi that every family member loves! But it's been years since her last sushi-making-days and I wonder why. It's funny that I don't get to eat sushi on other places. I haven't even tried KFC California Makki Twister! My roommate and I dined at Tokyo Tokyo last month and it was time for me to get some sushi! Delicious!

4. Mcdonalds - McFlurry with Cadbury Milk Chocolate
Sundae hot fudge has always been my favorite. Cadbury is one of the best chocolate brand ever. So the idea of finding thick milk chocolate shells on your ice cream? Perfect!

I love these picks but pastas and ice creams should really be avoided for a while. I'm super duper determined with my target! So good foods, will you please stay away from me? It kills me to see you!

What's your latest favorite yummy treat? Share!



  1. My very own Raspberry Cheesecake is delish but since I decided to go on a diet too (mas kaylangan ko talaga sya kesa sayo Macy) I won't be baking it for a long time.
    I love sushi and sashimi =) I make my own sushi but would have not done any for a while....

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  4. ohh yum, the fish fillet and the sushi looks delicious! I'm all hungry now looking at your pictures!

  5. Mmmm .. Don't tempt me with the lasagna! :) That's my favorite.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

    1. yeah lasagna is always tempting, even if you're not hungry! =)

  6. Oh my Macy, you have no idea how much I simply love beer batter fish and chips! They're one of the most delicious thing ever!

    Your favourite food all seem so delicious. I wonder how a KFC makki sushi would taste like.

    My latest yummy treat is bubble pearl milk tea. And probably beer batter fish. In fact, after reading this post, I turned to my hubby and asked if he wanna eat beer batter fish tmr. lol

    1. oh thanks for mentioning, i forgot to include milk tea, one of my latest beverage obsession lately!i can't let a week pass without having it once or twice. =) thank you!

    2. I just wanted to let you know that my hubby and I indeed went down to town to eat beer battered fish and chips for dinner just now. lol

  7. lots of yummy-ness :) thanks for your comment :)

  8. This is a really cute blog! I really like the food.


  9. Oh my these all look delicious!! Especially that lasagna! I am currently obsessing over mangos, bananas, and avocados. yummm.

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  10. Yummy lasagna!! now i'm into sweets (cakes/ pastries), burger + fries, popcorn, pizza or pasta! :D

  11. yummmm looks tasty! making me hungry :)