Nostalgia: Multiply!

Remember when Multiply was as famous as Facebook? It was the site I used to check everyday. I haven't updated my Multiply for a long time now. Here's how my page looks like and photos from way back! I love looking through old shots.

Multiply is still a useful website to store photos. It's a good place to keep memories! Anyone has Multiply? Happy weekend!



  1. I have Multiply! I used it mainly to share photos. I've stopped using it. Maybe I should go take a look at my account now!

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  3. Cute and happy pictures !!

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  4. just followed you on Bloglovin <3

  5. Haha. Yeah. I remember those days. And Friendster! OMG. LOL.

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  6. I didn't create a multiply account but my friends used to have one, so I wasn't totally out of the loop during those old times. :D By the way, love all the happy pictures. Mt. Tralala sounds funny, though. :D In bisaya, Tralala means crazy.

    Anyway, I've just awarded you The Versatile Award on my blog. Congrats!

    1. yes Tralala made us laugh too. Hehe!
      Thanks so much for this award, this means a lot to me!