so you want adventure?

4:46 AM

Oh yes we had an adventurous weekend filled with laughter and fun! Get together with high school friends last weekend in Anawangin Cove, Capones Island and Camara Island. All island beauties you can only find in Zambales! I hope I get to share everything soon. After a freakin' weekend, I'm back to busy-busyhan working days. Happy Holidays for tomorrow everyone! I'll be working..awww..=)

Lighthouse at Capones Island

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  1. Aww, super fun tlga ang adventure natin! :D Never expected na mag-cclick lahat ng tao sa trip natin. :P Our never ending exchange of emails finally paid off! Phew. :) 'Till our next escapade bez! ;P
    MISS YEWWWW!!! and Alex deary! Hihi. Regards nlng sakanya. :D


  2. hehe miss you already din bez! early next year dapat masundan na yan!! =) yey thankyou thankyou sa fun and super duper adventure!!mwaa!

  3. I've been dying to go there! sana makapunta din kami one of this days. Looking forward to your photos!

  4. Seriously you sure know how to have fun!Wish I was there in the sun :)

  5. thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures at sa pang

  6. @anney: you should really try the adventure there..super sulit!