million little things

  Friendship isn't a one big thing, it's a million little things.

2003 - Ugly ducklings way back in Dubai, UAE
I can't believe it's been 12 years. That long since I first met the smartest girl in our class. (Smart din ako nun kaya, kaso mas siya. Haha) I can clearly remember! She hugged me when I got inside the classroom because I was not wearing our P.E. uniform which made her happy. Why? Because she was not wearing the proper uniform too! She forgot  while me, I don't have one yet. We eventually became good friends then best friends in that Grade 4 class way back 1999. And for 6 years now, we lived distance away. Not totally different worlds but different kind of everyday routines. We didn't graduate high school together and didn't attend the same college school. We had lots of new faces and good friends around us. But despite of many new friendships I made, I know somewhere quite far from where I am, is a best friend who misses me and always looks forward to see me. Someone I can run to when I get tired of all the mess around me. Just like way back in 2009 when I had to cry lots, I met up with her and we threw my heartaches away in roller coaster rides. (Star City!)

We rarely see each other since my family officially left Dubai in 2005. Glad the world we live in is high-tech which made it easy for us to communicate. But growing up gives us too much things to do and to think of, naging busy-busyhan din kami. As much as we want to stay updated, our chikahan became less and less. School, work and other friends kept us busy but we never totally loss connection, ever. We tried to meet up at least annually. Pero sa mga yearly na yun, ang dami ng nagbago sa amin. Lumalaki na kami at tumatanda as time goes by syempre. Nagdadalaga. Hehe.

We love crafts! We do scrapbooks, which she was very good at. We love arts and design. We also tried building websites, tried blogging. Pero hindi pa yata blog yung term nung time na yun e, website talaga! We exchange cards every Christmas. We wanted to be architects someday. We were good neighbors, our families knew one another too. We baked apple pies. We walked to the beach in mornings of school vacation.We made friendship bracelets with beads and laces. I still have the one she made for me. We were bus mates and we always sit beside each other every morning to school. Pag uwian kasi magulo na!

My best friend is the person who can listen to my rants for hours. Kahit minsan hindi na niya siguro magets o masakyan, basta she listens, which is important to me. She feels proud of me when I tell her something I achieved. She supports me and gives me courage to do things I want, because she believes that I can. Vice versa, I feel the same way. You know what, ever since bata pa kami, I was really proud to call her my best friend. Lalo everyone knows na bff ko siya. Eh kasi naman, she's this consistent 1st honor, good singer, dancer, artist, leader and all. I was also kinda active back then, we were always part of top 5 and officers of organizations, but hindi ako singer at dancer at multi talented like her! Haha. Instead of feeling jealous, I feel flattered and happy that I'm the one she considered for a best friend. Arte. Haha.

Friends are together when they are separated. It's just distance that's keeping us apart, but our hearts always keep the strong friendship.

Last month we decided to celebrate our birthday together! Yey! We were not able to meet up on the exact date but at least October pa din. It's a very special month in our lives, lalo magkasunod kami. She was born October 19 and I was born on 18th, but she's a year older than me. We watched BEP concert and stroll along The Fort, Taguig. This month will be another exciting reunion in Anawangin Island! Can't wait!

We may not be beside one another when we had our first kisses from first boyfriends. We weren't there to attend one another's debut party. We we're never together every Christmas since 2005. Tama ba ang memory ko? Aww, we missed so much na pala. But one thing I'm sure of, she's still going to be my maid of honor someday, the prettiest ninang of my first born and my best amiga doing maybe aerobics when we grow old! Or maybe playing make-ups remembering how beautiful we were in our younger years. Yes we are. Haha. We're still on our early twenties, more more years to come na magbestfriends pa din kami. For now, we're enjoying life and celebrating friendship! Yey, miss you bez!

October 2011 - Ladies already and BESTFRIENDS STILL!



  1. very few people ever get the opportunity to have a real bestfriend! you're both lucky to treasure each other!

  2. Wow bez!!! Haha, I feel so touched and special naman sa post mo na to. :D I'm so flattered with this post. Oo magiging amiga tayo someday, tapos ikaw ang maid of honor ko at ninang din ng kids ko. :))) Miss you!!! See you sooooooooooon! :D


  3. very beautiful post.

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  4. that's the true meaning of friendship, distance doesn't matter, the love present in each others hearts make both people closer to each other.

  5. Aww. I suddenly remembered my best friend who I met in second grade. Great post!

    KIM, Coffee With Kim

  6. @myrted: oo naman bez, magkasama pa din tayo sa home for the aged someday! ahah wag naman, sa Paris na lang, shopping galore na lang tayo pag matanda na tayo. haha see you again soon!! mwaa!

  7. @ERS: Thanks erwin! very true, we must always value friendships. thanks for dropping by!

  8. @fabrizia: sure, thanks for following! =)

  9. Hey, you guys kinda look alike!
    Great friends are treasures. :)

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  10. Awwww how sweet! :) I have a friend like this too! Its so nice when you grow up together!

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    Have a nice day!

  11. I love this entry! :) Makes me want to do my own. Kidding!

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  12. Love this! Friendships are so important. Love your blog, I'm your newest follower! I hope you'll follow me back and we can be blog buddies hehe, I love finding new blogs! xoxo

  13. My best friend and i have known each other for many many years (ill leave it at that kasi mabibisto ang age ko, hahaha) and true friends are one of life's greatest treasures. What a sweet post! You're lucky to have each other =)

  14. I never had a sister but I was lucky in life to have a some amazing friends. You two look alike and are GORGEOUS. And in response to your comment: of course! Spain it is! :)

  15. Your text for your best friend was so sweet! Luckily, my best friend of the last 11 years lives close to me, but even now that I have moved abroad, nothing has changed! It's as if I am always here:)

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  16. Awwww!!! It's great to have someone who'll be your friend no matter what, and whom you know you can still call no matter how many years have passed. :) Cheers to great friends!!!

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  17. thank you for all your lovely comments! =)

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  19. Such a nice post about your friendship!True friends are really hard to find! By the way I'm a new follower!

  20. This is such a sweet post! It is so nice that you two have each other as best friends and can depend on each other no matter what! :)

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