my first blog award!

YEHEY! Thanks so much Mitch for sharing this award! So sweet and flattering for you to choose me!

Simple rule when you receive this award:
Just thank and link the person who awarded you then write 7 random things about yourself. Spread the love to 15 other bloggers. 

I'd like to share these things about me:

1. DESIGN WORLD. I live in the Design world. I'm everyday surrounded by architects and engineers and I always wish I'm one of them too. I'm a draftsman drawing their designs. I have worked in different construction companies and it might sound not cool for other girls, but for me working in construction is the most exciting job!

2. AUTOCAD. Now, over 10 million professionals in 185 countries are using Autodesk products to save time and money, gain competitive advantage, and change the way ideas are brought to life.
I use AUTOCAD 8 hours per day supposedly, but we are suckers for overtimes! That's also why I can't blog as much as I want to, Autocad takes me away from blogspot! I;ve been using this software for 5 years now and I can say I know it well. Pa-humble. Hihi.

3. NEWYORK! I always say that 10 years from now I'll be a famous and busy architect in the New York! I don;t know how many years had already passed. Hindi ko yata maaabutan yung 10 years! Haha. New York is just so dreamy, for me it contains all my career goals. Everytime I hear some famous Filipino having a great career in New York, I'm like wow, someday ako rin! Whoo! Kitakits sa Big Apple!

4. HELLO KITTY. I was once a fan! I'd collect items with that cute kitty face. One of my dreams was too visit Sanrio in Japan. I've only been to Sanrio in California but it was just a small shop. I still like to go there if I'll have the chance but I'm already over Hello Kitty. I don't find her that cute anymore. Hehe. But I loved her more than Barbie.

5. PIANO. I used to take piano lessons when I was in elementary and highschool. When we had a financial crisis while I was in college, my YAMAHA organ was sacrificed! It has been mine for years and I just realized today that I never had a photo with ti. Awww.. so one of my goals before I turn 25 is to learn how to play again and of course purchase another YAMAHA, maybe grand piano naman! How i wish, haha!

6. HIP-HOP DANCE. I'm not a dancer! I can't even dance well. I don't know how to move on the dance floor. Haha. But I've always love dancing. I love watching dance competitions. I;m always impressed with their dance routines and I always wish to be part of some dance group. But they'll surely have a hard time on me, todo aral ito! Haha!

7. CRUNCH. I'm addicted to sweets! And this one is my favorite and Hershey products too! No need to elaborate more, I'm sure all girls loves sweets!

Here you go, I'm sharing this to blogs I love reading everyday!
1. Love Skin Best - Fashion blogger and my best friend in real life. 
2. Irene - Inspirational blogger
3. Nuna - a happy mom and wife
4. Zy - my cousin with lots of stories to blog!
5. Liz - my first follower ever!

Share the love fellow bloggers!



  1. nice cous....thanks for sharing...frustrated dancer ka pala ha...sabagay ndi pa nga kita nakikita magsayaw...looking forward to that!

  2. BEZ congrats grabe bez i know ur ecstatic about this. You desrve it. Ur also gaining new followers. Atta go girl! mwah.

    THANK U din bez. will surely blog about it. MWA MWA!!! missu! see you very very soooon. :D

  3. Welcome Macy. Well anyway, it is nice to know that we're both have experience working in a construction co. Actually I used to work as a supplier to const. co but I had to quit.

    Dancing is one of my passions, pareho tayo.. tgnan lang natin ang mga dancers, surely mapapaindak ka na rin. I do very much missed doin no one is watching!

  4. I love hello kitty (not obsessed)! So does my daughter & sometimes I use her as an excuse to buy some cute little trinkets LOL. Oh my, CRUNCH~! Haven't had that for a while... I think I have to buy some next time we go to wal-mart hehehehe.

  5. Congratulations and thanks for dropping by my blog.

    Autocad? All I can say is Wow! You must be an expert and can do your work even your eyes were closed. I admire girls who can do architecture works.

    Hold to your dreams and good luck with New York. Someday you'll get there, don't give up on your dreams.

    Learning how to play Piano is my frustration. And I love dancing too, though I can't do it that well.

  6. @zy: yes tama couz, haha pero remember we used to dance nung grade 3 tayo diba? ikaw choreo namen diba hehe

  7. @myrted: thanks so much bez! i'm a super fan of your blog!

  8. @mitch: hi mitch! construction is fun, the environment is always unpredictable which makes it exciting! thankyou!

  9. Congrats to your award and see you in New York...our dream city:)

  10. I love Nestle Crunch!

    I tagged you in a post!

  11. @Jenggai: Thanks so much for sharing another award!

    @Sunny Toast: Wow see you there! Hehe =)

  12. @Janel: Thanks for dropping by. Everyone loves Crunch! =)

    @Sey: Yes I know Autocad pretty well now. Hihi.. Thanks so much!

  13. Congratulations! Oh wow your line of work is really exciting & cool indeed :D I'd like to figure out & learn how to look at those sorta like telescope device that measures distance father said it's much easier now unlike before where they'd calculate such from scratch but I guess only a few does that...keep up the good work ^_^

    I love all your posts here chase your dreams! go to NYC even for just a visit you'll feel famous either way lol :)) many thanks for dropping by my site for helping us out with tumblr inspite your busy schedule much love from all of us ^3^

  14. thanks so much for the mention Macy! I will try to get to this when things calm down in my life :) much love!

  15. Wow great blog! :)

    Followed you by the way. I'll appreciate if u'll follow back dear :)