These moments in life really do happen

5:24 PM

I can't help but share this one. I've blogged before about Diana Agron's inspirational website, You, Me & Charlie and I found this story to be one of their best entries. Please do take time to read. It's really moving!


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  1. I recently read and shared the article about the NYC cab driver on Facebook. I feel that it is such a beautiful story.

    Initially, I could not bring my eyes to read this armoire story for the layout and text were really killing my eyes. However, I'm glad I made the effort to read it. Another beautiful and loving story.

  2. It is a FB circulated link but I found this off the internet.

    Enjoy the beautiful story!

  3. This is beautiful. I'm a pack rat and I do love keeping old things that meant a lot to me. Though I'm 21 now, I still have this huge box where I keep all the letters and stuff my best friend in elementary gave me. We only feel at home when we're with the things and people we love. :)

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  5. I'm glad I read this stuff. Beautiful story!